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DHIP Group, formerly known as Drexel Hamilton Infrastructure Partners, LP, is an independent infrastructure investment fund that combines deep industry and political expertise with best operational practices honed during years of military service. DHIP makes equity investments in the energy, transport, utilities and waste-water sectors where we possess deep industry knowledge and access to a network of proprietary relationships. DHIP works with a variety of sources to custom tailor financing solutions across a spectrum of capital needs for greenfield and brownfield projects, including acquisition financing, growth capital, co-investments, restructuring and secondaries.

A Strict Investment Discipline and Evaluation Process
DHIP utilizes strict pricing discipline and prudent asset selection of infrastructure sector assets. We use rigorous and conservative valuation processes that incorporate proven selection criteria, rigorous market research/due diligence and an emphasis on downside protection.

Proprietary Set of Relationships and Experience Drives Unique Deal Flow
DHIP creates superior value for its investors by leveraging a proprietary set of relationships developed during its teams time serving the military and government. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals has completed greenfield and brownfield projects for the military and US government allies. The team uses these unique relationships and the “failure is not an option” experiences we learned in combat zones to drive superior returns.

Unique Team of Experienced Professionals
DHIP’s team of professionals combines industry-specific skillsets with best-in-class financial and operational competence honed during years of domestic and overseas military experience. The team is further complemented by a diverse, and growing group of experienced senior advisors and operating partners.

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